ScienceSuit is equipped with many apps which are programmed using Lua and IUP graphical user interface toolkit.The apps are dynamically added to the ribbon interface through a manifest file, an XML file. Therefore, many ribbon pages, panels and buttons can be added.


By using the gridtext control, which is provided in std.gui library, it is very easy to make an app to support the selection of a range from a worksheet and display the selection to the user as shown in figure below. It is seen from the figure that the selection is shown to user as "Sheet 1!A1:B3".

Here the worksheet name is "Sheet 1" and the selected range is from "A1" to "B3" as evidenced from Fig 2. User can change the selection by either making a new selection or editing the control (gridtext) itself.


Please read the sections on 1)How to Develop an App? and 2) How to Add an App to Ribbon Interface?


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