Psychrometry App

Psychrometry is of great interest in finding the properties of humid air, which is heavily used in operations such as drying and air conditioning. The psychrometry app is a graphical user interface heavily based on the std.psychrometry function.


In order to calculate thermodynamic properties of humid air:

1) Exactly 3 properties must be selected* (the remaining of the selections are disabled).

2) Enter the corresponding values to the selections

3) Click "Calculate" button.

*: Please note that not all combinations are valid to be able to calculate the rest of the properties. For example, if a combination of Pressure, Dew Point Temperature and Absolute Humidity is selected, the rest of the properties cannot be calculated. Why?


To be able to calculate properties of another combination, first deselection of at least one of the previously selected properties must be done.


If FileExport to Worksheet option is selected, depending on the selected combination a report similar to the following will be prepared on a new worksheet:

Selected Combination
Tdb 20 °C
Twb 12 °C
P 101.325 kPa
Pws 2.339 kPa
Pw 0.8823 kPa
Tdp 4.398 °C
V 0.8378 m3/kg
W 0.00546 kg/kg da
Ws 0.01470 kg/kg da
H 33.86 kJ/kg da
RH 37.72 %