Data Structures

To be able to manipulate different types of data, ScienceSuit is equipped with many essential data structures (or sometimes interchangebly referred as classes). Most of the classes support stateless iteration (key, value paired iteration). This is a simple but a powerful mechanism to write more readable and considerably less error-prone code (concept of iterators and containers).

Among the below-listed data structures Vector and Matrix are specialized to manipulate numeric data and as a matter of fact can only contain numeric values of floating type. On the other hand Array and Lua tables accept string, integer and float types.

Database is powerful for manipulating SQLite database and Workbook, Worksheet and Range provide rather convenient read/write access to data hosted in a Workbook.

There are also purpose-specific data structures such as Food and Thermal Fluid for computing thermo-physical and thermodynamic properties of foods and fluids, respectively.


List of Data Structures

The list of all classes.

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