It would not be unreasonable to claim that no software is absolutely free of bugs and it is ScienceSuit's objective to reduce the bugs to a minimum.

1) If the bug is related to std library, apps, data structures or databases please visit GitHub and open a ticket on the issues section. 

2) If the bug is related to Workbook, Command-Line, Plotter, Toolboxes  please report them to bugs@sciencesuit.org. Depending on the nature of the bug, it is appreciated if you could include a few lines of information on which situation the bug happens and possibly a screenshot as well.


In the table below, if the status of the bug is fixed, the fix will be available at the next release following the discovery/report date of the bug. In order to show its discovery/report date, the bug will be given an id in the format of (YYYY MM DD_sequenceid). For example: The first bug reported/discovered on March 01, 2020 will be given an id of 2020 03 01_01.

ID Explanation Status
2020 04 01_01 When data is plotted and if there are multiple series on the chart all of which has x-data with a minimum greater than 0.0, and if one of the data series format is changed, then the y-axis disappeared. Fixed
2020 03 24_01 In a Workbook and within a worksheet, when data is moved from location A to location B  and after the movement if location B is within the selected area before the movement of the data, part of the data is lost when undo/redo button is used. Fixed
2020 03 12_02 When a Worksheet name contained column (":") character(s), a Range class from this Worksheet either was malformed or could not be formed. Fixed
2020 03 12_01 When a range contains non-ASCII characters and the sort member function of the Range class is called, the contents of the cell containing non-ASCII characters unexpectedly disappeared. Fixed
2020 03 02_01 When a variable of type food is entered and then "List microorganisms" button is clicked an error message in Food Thermal Processing App pops up. This is due to the referral of an invalid database path.

Thanks to Dr Pablo Coronel Rivadeneira for reporting and also sending a correction.
2020 03 01_01 When q=0 std.pbinom issues an error message "ERROR: q cannot be smaller than or equal to zero.". However, when q=0 a valid number should be calculated and when q<0 it should have returned 0. Fixed
2020 03 01_02 Rarely output statements [for example, print("hello world")] from Script Editor is redirected to Command Editor instead of being shown in Script Output Window. Fixed



Lingering Bugs

The bug is known but a fix has not been issued yet.